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Saving direct from your salary to your credit union account

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Save with your Credit Union

Save with your Credit Union

We all know the merits of saving money, either for something specific or for that "rainy day". The big difference between your credit union and any other savings account is that members own the credit union.

Regular saving is a good idea. Regular saving with your credit union is an even better idea.

It is easy to open your Grampian Credit Union savings account, and then see your savings grow.

We offer several different ways to save, depending on your needs and what's most convenient for you:

Easy Access Savings Account

Save from £12.00 per month or £3.00 per week. Withdrawals can be made by phone call, email or in our office and paid directly into your bank account. We offer PIN access for members online transfers.

Build your savings with our Easy Access Savings account

  • Access your money quickly, by transfer direct to your bank account or cheque to cash
  • FREE life savings insurance. Terms and conditions apply
  • Annual dividend on savings subject to available surplus for distribution to members
  • Manage your account on-line or via telephone
  • Easy ways to save:
    1. Standing Order
    2. Direct from salary (Payroll deduction). Check to see if your employer offers this
    3. Direct Debit
    4. Pension (paid into credit union)
    5. Benefit - (paid into credit union)
  • You choose how much you want to save and how often
  • Your savings of up to £85,000 are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Terms & Conditions

Christmas Savings Account

Safe, secure savings available when you need them most. Cover the cost of Christmas and have your spending all wrapped up.

Plan for Christmas with Grampian Credit Union - Christmas Savings Account

  • Your savings are safe and covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme
  • You can start saving with a minimum £1.00 each week
  • Join at any time throughout the year to save towards Christmas
  • Access to your funds from 1st November giving you plenty of time to do your Christmas shopping
  • Account benefits from any annual dividend paid
  • Temptation barrier to discourage you from withdrawing from your account before Christmas (£5.00 penalty for withdrawals prior to 1st November)

Christmas Savings Account Application Form

Christmas Savings Account Terms & Conditions

Junior Savings Account

A great way for parents or grandparents to save for their children or grandchildrens' future, and can help instil an early savings habit.

Junior Accounts - Early Saving

Encourage an early savings habit for your children or grandchildren

Open a Grampian Credit Union - Junior Savings account for them

Children under 16 living within the Grampian area, and whose parents, guardians or grandparents live or work in the Grampian area can join the Credit Union and have money paid into their accounts directly from an existing member’s Payroll deduction or Direct Debit.

Statements are sent once a year around your child’s birthday to let them see how their savings are growing.

To open a Junior Savings account and for more information, download the application form below.

Junior Account Application Form

Junior Account Terms & Conditions

Junior Account Withdrawal Form

Ways to pay into your Credit Union account

  • Direct from your salary if your employer offers Payroll deduction
  • Direct Debit from your bank account
  • Standing Order from your bank account
  • Pension payments direct from DWP
  • Benefits payments direct from DWP
  • Transfer funds from your bank to the Credit Union

Over 30 local employers in Aberdeen and Grampian now offer saving by payroll deduction, paid directly into members Grampian Credit Union accounts. Check if your employer offers this facility:

Employers Offering Payroll Deduction

Many local employers will transfer money at no charge direct from your salary to your Grampian Credit Union savings account on a regular basis. Members find this an easy way to build up their savings.

We are currently partnering with over 30 local employers in Aberdeen and Grampian who offer saving by payroll deduction.

Employers currently offering this facility are as follows:

  • Aberdeen City Council
  • Aberdeen Foyer
  • Aberdeen Performing Arts
  • Aberdeen Science Centre
  • Aberdeenshire Council
  • AECC (Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre)
  • Alcohol & Drugs Action
  • AWT
  • Befriend A Child
  • Bon Accord Care
  • CHAP Group
  • CLAN Cancer Support
  • Cornerstone
  • Croft Nursery, Stonehaven
  • Fire Scotland (Grampian)
  • Glencraft
  • Grampian Housing Association
  • Grampian Joint Valuation & Assessors Board
  • GREC (Grampian Regional Equality Council)
  • Middlefield Community Project
  • Moray Council
  • NHS Grampian
  • Police Scotland (Grampian)
  • Poppies Preschool, aurencekirk
  • RGU (Robert Gordon University)
  • SCARF (Save Cash & Reduce Fuel)
  • Sport Aberdeen
  • University of Aberdeen
  • VSA

If you would like your employer to offer this service, please contact the Credit Union with the name of the person in the organisation that we should approach. We will be pleased to contact them directly.

No matter what type of savings account you choose, your money is secure as it is covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.