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22 Jan 2024

Employers Payroll Savings!

Saving direct from your salary to your credit union account

08 Dec 2023


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01 Sep 2023

Grampian Credit union in the Libraries

We are even much closer to you now

19 Jun 2023

Credit unions can offer more affordable finance options for borrowers

Young Borrowers urged to consider Credit Union Loans


FREE Loan Protection and Savings Insurance

FREE Loan Protection and Savings Insurance

Grampian Credit Union provides free loan protection insurance for members, which clears any loan balance in the event of your death. Subject to terms and conditions of the insurer (information available on request). There is No Extra Charge to Grampian Credit Union members.

If a member dies the credit union will receive a payment to cover the outstanding loan balance, provided the account is not in arrears. This gives members added peace of mind when borrowing from the credit union, as there is no legacy of debt for family members to deal with at a difficult time. Full details available from the office.