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22 Jan 2024

Employers Payroll Savings!

Saving direct from your salary to your credit union account

08 Dec 2023


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01 Sep 2023

Grampian Credit union in the Libraries

We are even much closer to you now

19 Jun 2023

Credit unions can offer more affordable finance options for borrowers

Young Borrowers urged to consider Credit Union Loans

Community Groups

A better tomorrow for our community

A better tomorrow for our community

Membership of Grampian Credit Union is open to anyone who lives or works in the Grampian area and we provide products and services designed to meet the needs of all local people whatever their income. Best of all, Grampian Credit Union can provide this service at no-cost to your group.

We are looking to build up partnerships with local community groups for the benefit of everyone.

How you can help

  • Put up posters and newsletters on notice boards;
  • Keep a stock of Credit Union leaflets and membership application forms to give to people on request;
  • Provide the Credit Union with information about your area and put us in touch with other local community group representatives who may be interested in, or can benefit from our services

How we can help you

  • It keeps wealth within the local community therefore improving the local economy.
  • Your group will benefit from the good publicity gained from supporting this local financial initiative aimed to support all members and to assist in tackling financial exclusion.
  • Lifetime membership. We practice a: “once a member, always a member” policy. This means your group members can retain membership of Grampian Credit Union regardless of job changes, retirement, or relocation.

Support from Grampian Credit Union

  • No obligation for you - all enquires for membership and savings and loans services come through Grampian Credit Union with no extra responsibility placed on your group.
  • Grampian Credit Union membership materials provided – to help promote the credit union we will provide membership material (application forms, information leaflets, posters and newsletters) for display and distribution.
  • Communication – we can provide you with sample announcements to inform your members of Grampian Credit Union membership benefits as well as our latest products and special promotions.
  • Grampian Credit Union can arrange free talks and presentations to your group on request.